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Foundation Phase

Grades R – 3

The foundation phase caters for learners from Grade R – Grade 3. This is an exciting and adventurous time for young learners who thrive in an environment of creativity and discovery. At Redwood we ensure that all outcomes are achieved through engaging lessons and imaginative activations that make learning fun and easy.


Intermediate Phase

Grades 4 – 6

During the intermediate phase subject content is developed. Young learners are curious to explore their community and world. They begin to form their own unique identities, opinions and world view. Reliant on adult support from both parents and teachers, learners respond to encouragement, discipline and behaviour modelling.


Senior Phase

Grade 7 – 9

The senior phase is an important time for learners as they start to transition towards being a young adult.At the end of grade 9 they are required to make important decisions regarding subject choices which ultimately impacts on career paths. We ensure that learners are supported with meaningful career development tools and guidance.


FET Phase

Grades 10 – 12

Further Education and Training phase (FET) refers to education and training provided from Grades 10 to 12 and includes both academic learning and career-oriented training.

Our vision and philosophy for our college students

Blended Learning

Redwood College applies innovative solutions which embrace blended learning. The benefits of eLearning are combined with traditional face-to-face teaching as well as self-paced learning schedules. This forward-thinking approach facilitates academic rigour whilst ensuring that each learner is able to master content. The result is motivated learners who are inspired to learn more.

Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy is built on the understanding that profound learning takes place through discovery, creativity and critical thinking. We create an environment that facilitates mastery through discovery and experience and ensures a personalised approach where learners can reach their own potential.

Qualification through AEE Online

The curriculum at Redwood College, through AEE Online, is CAPS-aligned and delivers a modern and flexible education programme.

Supplementary Courses – equipping for the Future

Over and above the examinable curriculum Redwood College offers a supplementary curriculum that is designed to enhance knowledge and future-readiness. Courses such as Aquatic Science, Environmental Systems, Principles of Business Marketing and Finance, Astronomy and Principles of Health Science are available. There is a soon to be opened, state of the art Chef School onsite (Red Chef Culinary School), where learners will be able to begin studying for a future in hospitality. Subjects such as Robotics and Computer Coding are in the pipeline and will be available soon.

Art and Culture

Children dance before they walk and run, they paint before they can write and singing facilitates early expression. Art and creativity are essential for holistic education.

Redwood College Potchefstroom offers music tutoring for our learners and currently caters for drums, piano, and guitar. We also aim to present a school revue every two years, where the entire school can get involved.
Other activities that are available for our learners are computer literacy in the form of the “SkillsPro” programme and a reading programme “Stimulus Maksima”.

Technology skills are developed and promoted in our junior grades through the Futurekids computer program.

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As part of our Redwood College sporting programme we aim to provide all our pupils with the opportunity to take part in various sporting activities. Our programme is organised, structured, disciplined, competitive and most importantly – fun.

Besides the normal physical training periods that each learner participates in during the week, we are also looking to develop formal sporting codes.

With the relocation to our current premises, Redwood College Potchefstroom, can now for the first time in its history, offer formal sporting codes to our learners. The development of these sporting codes have only started in 2020 and are therefore a priority for the immediate future.

The sporting codes that are currently being considered for development are:

  • Soccer, Cricket, Netball, Volleyball and Hockey as outdoor sports.
  • Chess and Checkers are offered as an indoor sport.

We would like to encourage each pupil to become involved in at least one sporting activity each term. It must be remembered that as Redwood College grows in numbers, we will be able to field more teams and be able to create a more competitive environment.

As the sporting codes grow and develop, we will be able to also participate in a competitive environment and may even compete against other local schools as well as other Redwood College schools.

We offer the following sports:
















Community involvement and service plays an important part of the education at Redwood College. One of our beliefs at Redwood College Potchefstroom is that we are a lighthouse for the community, it is with this belief that we aim to support our community through on-going school projects.

We have been involved in a number of community programmes that include the following:

  • Visiting old age homes in the Potchefstroom area.
  • Collecting blankets and food for PAWS – our local animal shelter.
  • Collecting water for drought relief.
  • Active recycling project running at the school.

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